Certified hair transplantation at Rubenhair Latvia

Restore your hair's natural line and thickness in a day!

In our clinic, 3000 grafts are transplanted with the FUE method in one session, in less than one working day.

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    Hair transplantation in Latvia

    Rubenhair Latvia is the leading clinic in the Baltic States for hair transplantation and treatment using the manual FUE method. 

    This is the most advanced hair transplantation method in the world with visible and safe results.

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    Improve your quality of life with a hair transplant


    All services offered by Rubenhair Latvia are certified, safe and recognised in the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.

    Hair transplantation with FUE

    This method is used by practically all professional hair transplant clinics in the world. The grafts are removed from the donor area in the lower back of the head using a special micro-instrument.

    Eyebrow transplantation

    At the Rubenhair Hair Clinic, eyebrow transplantation is similar to a hair transplant. The only difference is that this time the grafts are divided one hair follicle at a time.

    Beard and moustache transplantation

    Beard transplantation and moustache transplantation with manual FUE method are performed at Rubenhair Latvia Hair Transplantation and Skin Health Centre.

    Hair treatment with Minoxidil

    The over-the-counter medical product Minoxidil 5% acts on the hair follicle, stops follicle destruction and stimulates the release of keratin. 

    Hair treatment with PRP plasma injections

    Hair loss treatment and hair restoration with PRP plasma platelet-rich injections are very popular and successful worldwide.

    Preventing hair loss

    Rubenhair Latvia Hair Transplant and Skin Health Centre provides high-quality and timely diagnosis and treatment of the cause of hair loss and skin diseases.


    I went to the clinic because I wanted to get thicker hair. Thanks to the professional staff and the clinic's products, my hair is now growing fast and has already grown thicker.

    Elīna Šuriņa


    Excellent surgeon, nurses and staff. Knowledgeable, professional. Everything is done according to world known standards and practices. The result is excellent - instructions and everything needed for a successful recovery are given with you. Good price that does not affect the result - very satisfied!

    Debra Peters


    I'm so glad that I chose this clinic. Of course, the operation day wasn't easy, because it took all day to do that, but it "s totally worth it. Recommend.

    Kelvin Augustsson


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