Modern hair transplant innovations offer new and effective options for people who want to solve the problem of hair loss. More and more doctors are using innovative solutions to ensure natural and long-lasting results for their patients.

One of the innovations in hair transplantation is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which uses advanced devices to treat areas of hair loss. This technique is minimally invasive and ensures the least possible discomfort for patients. In addition, the FUE technique also provides a natural look as the hair is taken one by one from the living hair follicles and injected into the lost or sparse areas.

  • The FUE technique offers the following advantages:
  • - Minimally invasive procedure
  • - Rapid regeneration and viability
  • - Does not leave visible scars or shade differences

Another innovation in hair transplantation is the automated hair transplantation system, which uses robotic support. This robot uses precise algorithms to help hair specialists make precise insertions, ensuring uniform placement of mature hair and making precise insertions at each follicle. This guarantees the well-being of patients and reduces the risk of incorrect hair growth after the procedure.

  • The automatic hair transplant system offers the following advantages:
  • - Homogeneous hair distribution
  • - Precise and fast incorporation
  • - Reduced growth of false hair